Vehicle Crashes Into 7-Eleven after Losing Brakes; Slurpee Machine Unharmed

An SUV crashed into the front of a 7-Eleven convenience store on Nov. 21 in Waynesboro.

 (Photo: By Brad Zinn/The News Leader)

We don’t know whether Slurpees were involved, but a woman driving a 2008 GMC crashed into a 7-Eleven in Waynesboro, Vir. after losing the brakes. The police reported that she was going between 10-12 mph.

“She said she was mashing at the brake and it wouldn’t stop,” said Capt. Kelly Walker of the Waynesboro Police Department.

Without knowing all of the circumstances surrounding this incident, it appears that she may have blown a brake line or had a leak that allowed air into the system, creating a spongy pedal. We believe that if she was indeed “mashing” the brake pedal and there was even a little brake fluid in the system, the vehicle would have slowed down.

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