ABS Brake Code C1179 Triggers $25,000,000 Settlement Against Nissan

In this video, lawyer Brett Turnbull delivers his closing argument at trial over the 2012 crash that killed a woman and her two daughters. A California jury found Nissan responsible for the crash and handed down a $25 million verdict in the case. The deciding piece of evidence was a ABS code C1179 for the Delta Stroke Sensor.

At the 2017 trial, Cruz’s legal team, including Turnbull, then of Cory Watson P.C., and now of Turnbull Holcomb LLC, focused on a brake error code, C1179, the Infiniti had triggered. And during closings, Turnbull told jurors that code proved that the brake defect caused the crash.

Turnbull noted the defense’s argument that the code could have been triggered long before the crash. Code C1179 is set if the ABS computer detects an electrical issue with the sensor that measures the travel of the brake pedal.