Dodge Challenger Brake Failure Crash Video

The video of a Dodge Challenger HellCat crashing into a concrete post in Arizona has been making the rounds on several automotive websites. Some say the brakes failed or the ABS malfunctioned. The reality is that it is just oversteer caused by weight transfer.

The video was taken by a security camera mounted to a building and it captures two car racing side-by-side until the Dodge Challenger turns right and crashes into a concrete post. You can see a pedestrian who might have been trying to cross at the intersection emerge from behind the post.

It looks like the video was recored on January 10, 2021 due to the date on the time stamp. Other sites claim the video was from Arizona. The YouTube account that posted the crash does not have any information.

This is only my speculation, but the crash occurred due to the driver quickly lifting from the accelerator and may be applying the brakes. When the driver is accelerating, weight is transferred to the rear wheels from the front wheels. When the driver lifts from the throttle pedal, weight transfers from the rear to the front very quickly. The rear of the vehicle can become unstable and the vehicle rotates. This is a common occurrence for Ford Mustangs trying to leave a “cars and coffee” event while trying to do a burnout.

Mustang Snap Oversteer

The driver of the Dodge Challenger can be seen steering into the skid, but it is to late. It is my theory that the driver of the Dodge saw the pedestrian and lifted. Also, I am willing to bet the traction control and stability controlled was turned off.

This is not brake failure, only weight transfer and physics.