Top 10 Brake Memes

A meme an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or a genre of items that is spread widely online especially through social media. The typical formula is to use an image with a funny caption. Here are the top to brake related memes.

#10: This is probably the oldest brake meme on the internet. Every tech knows that this is a clutch and not a brake rotor.

#9: The old-time bare knuckle boxing meme is typically used to mock millennials. This one makes fun of those drivers who may not have the best brakes.

8: The Lord of the Rings Meme applied to overheated brakes.

#7: Making fun of painted calipers is always a great way to build meme credibility.

#6: Brembo is comedy gold for brake memes!

#5: The word “organic” is often a source material for some memes.

#4: Customers who ignore noisy brakes are ofter targets of some memes.

#3: Salt Bae is a chef who has a unique way of spreading salt on meat. Combining Salt Bae with painting calipers is genius!

#2: Taking an illustration from an instructional manual and applying your own text can be a hilarious!

#1: If you are a technician trying to finish a brake job, brake cleaner aways seems to be in short supply. This meme will make you chuckle!