Tragic Accident Caused By Brake System Neglect

Whenever there is a fatal accident, it takes time for the investigation and trial. In this case, it took almost two years for the truth to come out about a fatal crash that took the life of a 11-year-old in the UK. In this case the courts decided that the case was, “tragic, needless and entirely preventable.”

In March 2018, Amelia Wood was walking to her bus stop to go to school. A Land Rover driven by Cameron Perkins, lost a wheel and struck Amelia killing her. The investigator found more than 20 faults with the vehicle including brake pads worn down to the backing plates. Also, the left front wheel bearing was worn so badly that it was missing.

What is really disturbing is the driver purchased a bottle of brake fluid three days before the accident. It was found in the crashed Land Rover half full of fluid. This is proof he knew something was wrong with the vehicle but failed to take action.

The defense strategy for Perkins was to blame the shop that performed a vehicle inspection six months earlier and a shop that supposedly performed work a day before the tragic crash.

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