Kevin Hart Nearly Killed In Crash Just Over A Year Ago, Thankful To Be Alive.

On September 1st, 2019, Kevin Hart was involved in a car crash that nearly cost him his life. After emergency back surgery, months of physical rehabilitation, and what was probably unimaginable physical pain, Hart is enjoying life more than ever.

For Hart’s 41st birthday on July 6th, he enjoyed an outing on the open water. On his Instagram, he posted about how he was blessed and “lucky to be alive.” Hart was one of three people involved in the crash, Jared Black and his fiancé, Rebecca Broxterman were also in the car. Black was reported as the driver of Hart’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda that night during the crash. Black was also seriously injured in the crash and his wife sustained less serious injuries. All three survived.

Crashes like these happen far too frequently and it is truly fortunate that Hart, Black, and Broxterman survived the accident.