Tire and Brake Dust Collector Wins Dyson Award

Last month, Safe Braking covered the new science of microplastics that come from brake pads and tires. Last week, the Tyre Collective announced their device to collect tire dust won the Dyson award. The device uses plates that are electrostatically charged to collect debris coming from the wheels.

The Tyre Collective discovered rubber particles coming off a tire are positively charged due to friction. Using a single array of electrostatic plates, the device currently captures 60% of all airborne particulates on a test rig.

Tyre Collectives tire dust collection system.

The charged plates are powered by the vehicle’s electrical system. Positioned close to where the tire meets the road, with sufficient ground clearance, the device takes advantage of air flow around the spinning wheel. It is attached to the steering knuckle, and turns with the suspension.

Captured tire and brake particles are stored in a cartridge within the device and collected during servicing. Once refined, the Tyre Collective claims they can be used in a variety of applications, including new tires, 3D printing and dyes, creating a closed-loop system. 

The Tyre Collective Website