The Brake Pad That Went 120,000 Miles

This was posted to Reddit’s JustRolledIntoTheShop forum under the title “Uncle Just When 120,000 Miles Between Brake Jobs” by UltimateSooner. In the comments, it was revealed that the pads came off a 1/2-Ton 4×4 Chevy pickup truck probably made between 1996-2006.

The pad is worn to the backing plate, but you can see the mechanical attachment hooks that were stamped into the plate when it was originally manufactured. These hooks indicate the backing plate was made by NUCAP Industries, the manufacturers of NRS Brakes.

What is remarkable is the lack of rust on the edges of the backing plate. Also, the mechanically attached shim is still on the backing plate. This is a sign the backing plate was galvanized and the shim was made from stainless steel.

This picture shows that if you use a high-quality brake pad with mechanical attachment and corrosion protection, it will last longer than a cheap brake that will corrode before the friction material is worn.