TECH TIP: Make Sure You Ordered The Correct Brake Pads and Rotors

This photo comes from Reddit’s Just Rolled Into The Shop subreddit. The poster said that the Dodge Charger was brought to his shop to have the rear brakes serviced. When he pulled the front wheels to inspect the pads and rotors, he realized something was not right. The Charger’s owner recently purchased the vehicle from a used car dealer who replaced the front pads and rotors to make the car more sellable.

What the mechanic at the used car dealership did not realize is that by ordering the least expensive brake rotor, he ordered the wrong rotor. Depending on the model year, engine and other options the brake package changes. In this case, it looks like the mechanic ordered the rotors for the V6 model and not the V8! The rotors for the V6 model are a smaller diameter than the V8.

When you are ordering brake parts for a vehicle, make sure you have all the information for the vehicle including the VIN and trim level. Some parts order websites and catalogs will list the diameter of the original rotor. Don’t go for the cheapest brake pads and rotors.