Rich Rebuilds Discusses EV Brake Pads

In 2019, Elon Musk made a claim that Tesla Owners will never need to replace their brake pads because most of the stopping is performed using regenerative braking.

Most Tesla owners will agree brakes wear rates are lower compared to an internal combustion vehicle, but they also know the brake pads are more likely to fail due to corrosion before they wear out.

In a recent video by the YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds, this corrosion problem was discussed, and a solution was given. You can watch the entire video, or skip to 11:16 mark to see the condition of the brakes.

The video explains that the pads will likely be on the car for an extended period. Corrosion can destroy the bond between the backing plate and friction material. The brake pads need advanced corrosion treatments like galvanization. In addition, the brake pads need to use mechanical attachment methods to secure the friction material to the backing plates to prevent rust jacking and delamination. The NRS Brakes EV brake line meets both of these requirements.

Rich Benoit is the owner of the popular YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds. The channel was started as a way for Benoit to document the rebuild of a flood damage Tesla. Over the past four years, the channel has rebuilt many car and has taken on Tesla’s monopoly for service and charging. Benoit also opened his shop called Electrified Garage. The channel currently has more than 700,000 subscribers.

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