Hass F1 Brake Disc Explodes

Kevin Magnussen had a miserable end to his U.S. Grand Prix when an “exploded” brake disc on his Haas Formula 1 car caused a premature end to his race. F1 cars have carbon brakes that often glow red hot during the races but seldom ever explode. But when they do explode, it is quite spectacular.

Magnussen had reported to the team earlier that the brakes didn’t feel right, and in fact, the Haas team has had a history of braking problems dating back to 2017.

Magnussen radioed his team after the failure to say “yep, told ya”, having been told to adjust his brake balance seconds before the failure.

Autosport reported Magnussen saying, “I had a long pedal the whole race and I was asking them to have a look but they couldn’t see anything and the temperatures were alright so I just yeah continued, and then the disc exploded.”

The team has tried different aerodynamic packages in its bid to understand its car’s problem but has been unable to rectify its form this year.

Magnussen scored Haas’s only points since the summer break in Russia and has fallen to 16th in the drivers’ championship, one place ahead of team-mate Romain Grosjean.

“I kind of knew after a few laps that this isn’t going to last,” said Magnussen of his early top-10 run.

You can hear more about Magnussen’s race on Autosport’s podcast.