Ford Tackles Counterfeit Brake Pads

According to various Government agencies and industry sources, counterfeiting is estimated to cost the industry $12 billion in lost sales annually and as many as 200,000 lost jobs. But some customers expecting Ford pads are getting counterfeit pads bearing the Ford trademark. Counterfeit parts are not designed, engineered and tested to meet the same quality standards as Ford pads.


“Counterfeit Brakes often have poor quality steel backing plates and weak or no shim bonding to the backplate. Counterfeit Brake Pads are often made from inferior products like compressed wood chips and sawdust.”


The counterfeit pad clearly has paint that is chipping and bubbling. The OEM pad utilizes powder coat which is much more durable.  Also note the painted caliper clip on the counterfeit that is starting to rust because the paint did not stick.

The poor paint adhesion can lead to backplate corrosion which leads to customer dissatisfaction. It can also lead to delamination of the friction material.

More information at Ford Brand Protection

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