Counterfeit Racing Belts and Brake Pads

The below in-car video was posted by Luis Monzon Artiles on Facebook and shows him racing at Interlagos in Brazil. Unfortunately, he crashes and his safety harness fails. 

Luis survived and only suffered a broken nose and broken bones in his hands and feet. The cause of the belt failure was not due to improper installation. The real cause was the belts were counterfeits. The fake belts copied the Sabelt look but not the engineering and quality. According to Luis, he ordered the belts from for about $40. A real harness set from Sabelt can cost more than $500. The metal tab that joined the fabric belt to the floor mount and buckles failed.

What is scary is that oversea websites like Alibaba and Boodmo regularly sell Bosch, TRW and Brembo brake pads at unbelievable discounts. It is unclear if these brake pads are authentic or fake. Unlike racing safety harnesses, determining if a brake pad is the real deal is very difficult. The real test is when the driver has to stop in an emergency on the street. When this happens, the driver finds out the deal for the brake pads was too good to be true.