Classic Corvette Brake Failure

This is painful to watch if you are a Corvette fan. This owner pulled his 1966 Chevrolet Corvette out of the garage only to find out the brakes were not working.

From the owner:

“First time pulling my 1966 Vette out of the basement garage in six months. I backed up my steep driveway showing off for my daughter’s boyfriend. I spun the tires going down to my upstairs garage. When I tried to brake, the pedal went to the floor. I pulled the emergency brake. Nothing. I had three options. Hit the cars parked on the left side of my driveway, run through my fence and most likely into our lake, or run into my house. I chose the house.”

It is tough to say if the failure was due to corrosion between the shoes and drums. But, with the brake pedal going to the floor, it was probably a hydraulic failure caused by leaking wheel cylinders or calipers. When enough fluid leaks out a air pocket forms in the master cylinder and the pedal goes to the floor