Carl Dolk Fröjd, Electric Vehicle Expert, Joins Global Brake Safety Council To Help The Fight Against Rusty and Dangerous Brake Pads

The Global Brake Safety Council (GBSC) has added Carl Dolk Fröjd, Diagnostic and Repair Specialist at EV Services in Kokstad, Norway, to its organization.

By joining the GBSC Fröjd wants to raise the awareness that galvanized brake pads will be the new standard for EV vehicles as the current painted brake pads are not designed for regen braking demands. Moisture buildup on painted brake pads will cause the steel to rust, resulting in friction separation from the rusty steel backing plates creating a major safety issue in electric vehicles. Fröjd theorizes galvanized brake pads will be used by most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to tackle this serious corrosion issue.

“With decades of experience in the electric and semi-autonomous vehicle sectors, I’m honored to join a distinguished group of industry executives that comprise the Global Brake Safety Council and be part of an important movement toward greater brake safety around the world,” Fröjd stated. “Every year, countless accidents occur on roads around the world due to rusty and faulty brakes, subjecting innocent motorists and passengers to danger. I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with this incredible team of professionals and raise awareness around the importance of galvanized brakes.”

“The Global Brake Safety Council is proud to welcome Mr. Fröjd, a recognized thought leader in electric and autonomous vehicles with a wealth of knowledge in electric transportation,” said Global Brake Safety Council Executive Director Mike Sucharda. “The vision of GBSC and its members is to educate and advise legislative bodies to drive positive industry change, create greater awareness, and improve brake safety for all drivers and passengers around the world.”

About Carl Dolk Fröjd

Prior to EV Services, Fröjd was a diagnostic and aftermarket engineer at CEVT Powertrain Engineering, developing the next generation powertrains and vehicle platforms for Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. Fröjd worked in the vehicle dynamics group as a fault tracer and developer engineer, where he played a big role in highlighting the benefits of electric powertrains, helping in the re-education that all conventional automotive companies are currently going through. He also identified and created critical aftermarket strategies for the next generation of hybrid transmissions.

Prior to CEVT Powertrain Engineering, Fröjd worked at Tesla as a vehicle technician. There he specialized in high voltage and infotainment systems and later worked as a virtual technician performing OTA diagnostics on vehicles all around Norway.

Today, Fröjd embraces the move towards zero-emission vehicles and follows the trends and developments in the automotive industry closely. He has been faced with the issues and challenges that occur with brake systems on electric and semi-autonomous vehicles.

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