Brake Failure Cited as Cause of Greenville Crash

21932098_BG1Brake failure was the reason for a four vehicle crash this week in Greenville N.C. 74-year-old Thomas Whiddon of Georgia was driving a Winnebago motorhome and collided with three other cars after his brakes failed.

A traffic report on the crash states Whiddon made an attempt to coast through the traffic to stop the motorhome on the curb, but wasn’t able to avoid the three vehicles he hit.

Whiddon told police he realized he would not be able to stop and his only choice was to drive through traffic and stop the motorhome on a curb, the report said.

The motorhome continued through the intersection and came to a rest after running off the road to the right, the report said. The vehicle had traveled 553 feet from the first point of impact.

Whiddon was cited with improper equipment. Police estimated the total vehicle damage at the site to be more than $15,000. Damage could have been more if the crash happened in a more affluent area of Greenville…