10 Brake Check/Checking Rules To Follow

These are the codes of the road when it comes to tailgaters and brake checking:

1. Don’t Do It! The proper thing to do is let them pass when there’s a chance.

2. Brake Checks are Illegal: Police officers are trained in reconstructing accidents to be able to tell if the driver in front INTENTIONALLY hit their brakes causing an accident. This can qualify as a losing control or reckless driving. The officer will not believe the squirrel defense.  Two wrongs don’t make a right. In some states brake checking is actually a misdemeanor charge of reckless driving!

3. Brake checks are expensive: Do you make that kind of money or have enough time to deal with a lawsuit if they are injured?

 Wind_shield_fluid4. Try wiper fluid instead of a brake check: If you are being tailgated, hit the windshield washer fluid. This is very passive aggressive approach. But, the satisfaction of making them turn on their wipers is worth a few pennies in wiper fluid.





5. Don’t be an A-hole: This is simple rule to follow. Don’t tailgate or drive erratically in the first place. If you are out to enforce speed limits, leave it to the police. You have better things to do.

6. Don’t brake check a car if you are on a motorcycle!

7. Brake Checks to Prank Passengers is OK! (just make sure no one is behind you)

8. Never Brake Check a Cop

9. Never Brake Check a Truck! (NSFWL) (turn the volume down)

10. Relax: No brake check or driving up some tail pipe is worth it to prove you are right or more important.