Brake Failure Causes A Liberty To Crash In Liberty

According to sources, a 20-year-old woman was hospitalized after driving her Jeep Liberty off the side of a bridge last week in Liberty, Utah.

Police said early investigation speculations suggested that the brakes went out on the Jeep as the woman was driving northbound down a steep grade.

The woman was said to have been traveling around a sharp curve when she left the road and went airborne for approximately 40 feet before she ultimately crashed into some trees in a rocky ravine below.

The operator of vehicle, who seemed to have been temporarily knocked out from the crash, suffered critical injuries, claiming she had no feeling in her legs and had pain in her chest. She also claimed she had difficulty breathing.

Reports say the airbag deployed, but it had little to no effect. The Jeep also suffered significant damage to the front-end.

AirMed flew the driver to a local hospital, but her current condition was unknown as of last week.

The accident, which was the second to take place at that same site that day, is currently under investigation.