Seized Calipers Caused By Disimilar Metals

2007_Chevrolet_Monte_Carlo_SS_003_autotalk_com_If you get a GM W-Body (Chevrolet Monte Carlo/Lumina/Impala, Buick Century, Pontiac Grand Prix) in the shop with seized rear calipers it could be the case the slider pin has corroded and welded itself to the metal sleeve of the bushing. This happens when the lubricant burns off and water intrudes. This happens even faster when the plating wears away. This is why soaking the pin and sleeve in WD40 and cleaning only works for 10,000 miles before the caliper seizes again.

W-Car-SlideCardone has done something about it. Their redesigned slider pin and dust boot holds more high temperature synthetic lubricant to prevent the pin from seizing.


Cardone’s Pro Tech Bulletin