Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile Takes a Beating on Icy Road


One of the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile had a crash today in Harrisburg, PA. According to witnesses the truck slammed into a pole. No one was hurt, but the truck is pretty banged up, including a smashed windshield and serious damage to the front of the “bun” fender.

This is not the first “bun bender” a wiener mobile has been in. On February 11, 2008, a Wiener Mobile slid off U.S. Route 15 outside of Mansfield, PA, due to icy conditions following a winter storm. In 2009, a driver hit the gas instead of the brakes and put Wiener Mobile.  

According to GMC information, the 2004 W-Series chassis under the fiberglass is equipped with ABS.

Every March, a pool of thirty final-round candidates are brought to Kraft Foods and Oscar Mayer headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, for interviews. Only twelve people are chosen. Typically, drivers do not return.