Tragic School Bus: 9 Hospitalized Due To Apparent Bus Brake Failure

Nine people were hospitalized after a school bus crashed and rolled over in Shoreline, Washington last night(Saturday).

The bus was carrying the King’s High School basketball team, which had just won their district championship game in Mount Vernon. They were heading home to Shoreline just after 10 p.m. when the bus apparently experienced a tragic brake failure as attempted to exit southbound I-5 onto the SR-104 off-ramp, the driver told investigators.

The bus was said to have drifted off the road into a ditch, somehow came back into the road, hit the curb and finally came to a stop after rolling onto its side. Fortunately, no other vehicles were involved.

“She says when she was taking the off ramp at State Route 104 her brakes weren’t working. She tries to dive into that shoulder to make that turn, (but) isn’t able to make it. The bus trips over the curbing behind us and rolls over onto its left side,” said Trooper Mark Francis.

Reports say there was a total of 16 people were on the bus: 12 high school boys, three coaches and a driver.

The bus, which is not equipped with seat belts, passed its last inspection in 2014, according to Francis. While the driver says the brakes went out, Francis said investigators tested the brakes and found them to be functional.

Investigators are also looking into reports the muffler may have come off the bus earlier in the trip.