Foxes Attack Brake Lines

It appears that rabbits are not the only creature with a taste for brake lines and fluid. In England, foxes have developed a taste for brake lines and fluid.  But, the foxes say they can stop anytime…

Foxes Drink My Car’s Brake Fluid


Jeanna Emerson, 55, thought  vandals were targeting her Peugeot when the brake pipes were cut twice in two weeks.

She called police and was shocked when forensic experts revealed the culprits were foxes.
Animal experts have told Jeanna that foxes like the taste of brake Fluid and are creatures of habit – causing them to attack her vehicle six times.

Jeanna, of Lancing, West Sussex, tried parking the car in a different spot but the foxes returned.She now protects her car by wrapping chicken wire around it every time she parks to try to stop the creatures from gaining access to the brakes.