3 Brake Modifications You Should Never Perform

WR2a8SuNothing is worse than having to stare at a rust rotor or brake caliper through the spokes of your wheels.





original3. Painting the Entire Brake Rotor and Caliper: Do you want to turn that ugly rusting brake rotor into a work of art? Don’t like masking off the pads and the face of the rotor? Just blast those brakes with with spray paint and let the brake pads do all the work.

Why is this bad? Simple, the paint can contaminate the friction surface of the brake pads. The pigments in paint can cause the friction levels or µ (mew) of the pads to change dramatically. This contamination can last a lot longer than after the paint has bee scrapped from the rotor. This could cause some very long stops.

Rotor_BigCrack2. Rotors Drilled and Slotted Improperly: A hole in a rotor is more than a hole. If the edges of the hole are not chamfered with the correct radius, it can cause stress areas as the rotor heats and cools. This can lead to cracking and catastrophic failure. Also, the placement of the holes matters. So put the drill press away.

TN_NB front corner


1. Caliper Covers: How do you change a single-piston caliper into a six-piston caliper? You could buy a real performance brake kit from Brembo, Stop Tech, or you could buy knock-off brake caliper covers! These brake caliper covers are made of a resin plastic and painted red. They are glued to the caliper with adhesives or clips. To top it off, some have a counterfeit logos. Some covers even have fake bleeder screws. They can fit any caliper because nothing says performance like a six-piston caliper on a 10-inch rotor. If installed improperly, they can prevent the caliper from centering over the rotor.

Don’t do it!